The Hornet's Nest By Jimmy Carter

The Hornet's Nest By Jimmy Carter
The Hornet's Nest By Jimmy Carter

Following an extraordinary cast of characters, American, British and Indian, and their loved ones on both sides of this violent conflict, Jimmy Carter brings to life the Revolutionary War as it was fought in the Deep South. At the heart of the story is Ethan Pra

Tt, a farmer in Georgia who is drawn into the war after not only his brother and his best friend are killed, but also his son. This powerful and moving personal tale forms the centre of a glorious novel that paints a vivid and resonant picture of desperate warfare, ever-shifting allegiances, the massacre of innocents, and increasing political dissent. With its moving love story, vivid action and the suspense of a war fought with increasing ferocity and stealth, THE HORNET'S NEST is historical fiction at its very best.


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