Sensing Spirit By Mitchell Coombes

Sensing Spirit By Mitchell Coombes
Sensing Spirit By Mitchell Coombes

With his down-to-earth, friendly manner celebrity psychic medium Mitchell Coombes provides the reader with an intriguing and illuminating entrée into the world of Spirit.Have you ever experienced an uncanny coincidence? Do you wonder about your Spirit Guide? Have you been trying to get in contact with a loved one? Do you need help deciphering signals from Spirit? Since his childhood Mitchell Coombes has been able to see dead people, except he called them 'green people' and considered his gift a normal part of life. In Sensing Spirit he shows how everybody else can make their own psychic abilities part of their everyday lives too.Mitchell shares the funny and heart-warming stories of his life a

S a psychic medium and reveals the ways that spirits may try and connect with their living loved ones. Most importantly he shows us how to hear, know or see when a spirit is trying to make contact. Sensing Spirit includes many incredible real-life stories - like Maxine who witnessed her daughter Bella sitting up in bed hugging the air right before Maxine received a phone call to say her mother had just died. Before she had a chance to tell Bella the news, Bella asked her if Grandma was going on a holiday because she'd just come and given Bella a hug goodbye. Or like Judy who had a terrifying dream her husband had an accident with a black Mazda and rang to warn him. Her husband laughed it off, until he nearly crashed into a broken-down black Mazda moments later.Mitchell explains how to understand these signs from Spirit as well as discussing psychic phenomena like mysterious orbs, apparitions, electrical disturbances and how to achieve protection from psychic vampires. The book contains the answers to frequently asked psychic questions: 'Can Spirits tell us winning lottery numbers?' 'Do pets have sixth sense?' and 'Do spirits watch us all the time?' He also includes a helpful guide to what to expect when meeting a psychic medium and explores the tools of the trade - crystal balls, tarot cards, psychometry.Learn how to recognise the signs when your loved ones are trying to contact you.


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