On Shadow Beach By Barbara Freethy

On Shadow Beach By Barbara Freethy
On Shadow Beach By Barbara Freethy

The California town of Angel?s Bay has had its share of troubles: from the long-unsolved murder of a teenage girl to the young police officer recently left in a coma after being shot. But miracles also have a way of happening . . . as if angels really do keep a watchful eye there. In this touching and suspenseful novel, bestselling a

Uthor Barbara Freethy returns to the setting of her acclaimed Suddenly One Summer.Lauren Jamison hasn?t been back to Angel?s Bay since she was a teenager . . . when her sister Abby was murdered and Lauren?s boyfriend, Shane Murray, was accused of the crime. When Lauren reluctantly returns home to assist her ailing father, the old attraction again flares between Lauren and Shane. But the terrible days after Abby?s murder still stand between them, as well as the secrets Shane has yet to unveil. Finding the truth could bring closure . . . but at a cost. For there are people who don?t want old mysteries brought to light?people whose fear makes them very dangerous. .


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