Durty South Grind By L. E. Newell

Durty South Grind By L. E. Newell
Durty South Grind By L. E. Newell

From the sandbox to the grave. That?s the motto of the three partners for life: Johnny Ivey, Johnny Dobbs, and Larry Stith. Together, in the mean red light district of Atlanta, they are also known as the three amigos. One for all and all for one. Newly released from jail, Larry ?Sparkle? Stith wants to lead a life free of

crime and violence. But his dream of reform is cut short when he is reintroduced into the street life by his former friends. Revengeful adversaries are on a mission to take over his friends? prostitution, drugs, and gambling turfs, drawing him back into the life he was trying to escape. Sparkle?s lover, Beverly Johnson, is now the city?s police chief. She battles her own personal demons in search of a life of peace while secretly protecting her friends and her political career. With the backdrop of Atlanta, there?s a labyrinth of trickery that the friends must travel in order to keep their territory, their sanity, and even their lives. .


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