Will to Live By Les Stroud

Will to Live By Les Stroud
Will to Live By Les Stroud

In a survival situation, a wrong decision could spell the difference between life and death. No one knows this better than Les Stroud, who has survived everywhere from the sun-scorched sands of the Kalahari to the snake-infested jungles of the Amazon. In Will to Live, Les examines many incredible true life survival stories?explaining what happened and why, and offering valuable perspectives

on what went right, what went wrong, and what could have been done differently. The tales in Will to Live include:Chris McCandless?the subject of the bookand movie Into the Wild.Yossi Ghinsberg?who survived alone in the Amazon for twenty-one days.Douglas Mawson?the Antarctic "superman" who survived three hellish months at the bottom of the planet.Nando Parrado?who was trapped for two months high in the Andes after a plane crash killed his friends and family.Plus . . . stories from Les's own experiences, along with practical sidebars with tips on how to escape quicksand, butcher a moose, cross a snow-covered crevasse, and more.Provocative and entertaining, Will to Live is a compilation of history's most intriguing survival stories from one of the world's foremost experts. .


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