The GQ Candidate By Keli Goff

The GQ Candidate By Keli Goff
The GQ Candidate By Keli Goff

The West Wing meets Entourage when ?one of the most provocative political bloggers in the country? (The Philadelphia Tribune) exposes the stunning implications a historical bid for the presidency has on the candidate?s inner circle. Michigan governor Luke Cooper, one of the few black and?by virtu

E of adoption?Jewish elected officials, stuns his tight-knit friends with his decision to run for president. But could their efforts to help ultimately be his political downfall? Scandal and gossip surrounding his supporters rock his campaign, and even Luke?s wife grows wary of the spotlight when a surprise from their past inconveniently resurfaces. . . . Selected for the Los Angeles Times?s summer reading list and as one of More magazine?s ?Beach Reads You?ll Love,? Keli Goff ?s clever and entertaining debut novel is a spot-on golden ticket into the secret heart of the political circus.


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